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Only Capt Peacock has Bass Trackers Boats in Brazil’s Amazon. Smooth rides and safety is what our guests deserve to have


Tracker Boats

The Pro Team™ 175 TXW is an industry pacesetter

The Mod V hull guarantees a smooth, dry ride. Equipped with a long list of name-brand components, standard features include a 12-volt, foot-controlled trolling motor, Lowrance® fish finder, onboard battery charger, and a fuel-efficient Mercury® Four Stroke custom motor.

Our Fleet

In 2017 Capt Peacock invested in a whole fleet of sleek new Bass Tracker boats – 12 of them are available to our guests. They are the fastest, and most comfortable fishing boats in the world today and available in Brazil’s Amazon, on the Rio Negro today, only and exclusively with Capt Peacock.

Technical details aside

The new boats provide both anglers with a smooth, dry, comfortable and stable fishing platform. Get to your first spot of the day quickly and fish all day long in ease and luxury.

Boat Overview

Move pointer over boat below to open/close compartments.

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