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Tackle & Techniques


Fishing Tackle & Equipment for Peacock Bass

The Amazonian Peacock Bass is the most aggressive, most tenacious, hardest fighting freshwater fish on the planet. It will hit a topwater lure with the force of a missile, tangle and shred Kevlar line, and has been known to straighten hooks. Tackling these Brazilian beasts takes nerves of steel, hard-nosed will and determination, guides with pure resolve, and, of course, the right equipment.


Captain Peacock Provides Equipment

Capt Peacock utilizes the quality and dependability of TFO (Temple Fork Outfitters) and Shimano equipment exclusively and all are available for guests’ use at no extra cost.


Our Rods

Our TFO rods were designed specifically for Amazônia by famed angler and fishery expert Gary Loomis and each is engineered with the heavy-fighting, structure-oriented Peacock Bass in mind. We offer setups for both Bait Casting and Spinning but, given the kind of fight Peacocks generally dish out, we highly recommend utilizing Bait Casting equipment.


Our Reels

Our more than a decade of helping guests place Peacock Bass in Record Books has shown us that nothing tackles Brazil’s biggest and baddest like Shimano (CURADO) reels. Capt Peacock utilizes the Shimano 200E7 and 300EJ CURADO and, like all equipment, are available to guests at no extra cost.


Our Lines

When you consider that an 18-pound Peacock Bass can snap 50 pound braided line with ease, you’ll see why we utilize and recommend 65 or 80 pound braided Kevlar. Capt Peacock utilizes Power Pro and / or Spider Wire exclusively.

Our Special Lure Kit

Our exclusive lure kit comes as the result of our guides who have finished the Rio Negro all their life and know it and its inhabitants like the back of their hands. Each kit contains an UNLIMITED supply of brand-new topwater and jerk baits and jigs. Lure kits are $395 per person and discounts are given to couples and those that fish together.

Again, purchase of our lure kit ensures that the trip doesn't end with a lost jig or Peacock Bass steals in woodchopper as purchase insures an UNLIMITED supply.


Fly-Fishing equipment for Peacock Bass

Catching a monster Peacock Bass on a fly rod is a thrill unlike no other in life. We have 10 wt. TFO Baby Blue fly rods designed by Lefty Kreh and a limited number of TFO 375 fly reels spooled with floating and / or sinking tip fly line on board for our anglers. Recommended flies include Big streamers, Huge Bunny Leaches, Dahlberg Divers and Tarpon flies.

Fishing Techniques

Peacock Bass Fishing Techniques

Peacock Bass, although not a member of the Bass family, will feed and act a lot like a Large Mouth Bass. Think like you were fishing for largemouth bass, super-size your equipment and terminal tackle, and you will be on the right path. The big difference between these two species of fish is that a Peacock Bass has a red eye that does not seem to be the least bit sensitive to the sun so they are active all day.

Also, Peacock Bass do not go off into deep water and sulk after they spawn; both male and females will protect their fry once the eggs hatch. Many times your guide will tell you to cast to a brushy point 8 or 10 times and you will think he is just killing time. Not true, your guide knows the type of cover big Peacock Bass like and if they are not actively feeding, they can be enticed into striking by casting to them a number of times and making them mad! Very often you will see a second Peacock trying to take the lure away from the one that has it. It can be very advantageous for the 2nd angler in the boat to cast right behind a hooked fish as it will quite often result in a double hookup.


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